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king or permiion to do omething tke mny dierent orm. erhp you need to get permiion to do omething t work, or perhp you need to k riend or permiion to ue one o her poeion, or mybe you need to k the techer i you cn leve room or moment or two. emember to ue polite orm when king or permiion to do omething or ue n object you re ​​​king vor o tht peron.请求允许做某事有许多不同的形式。也许你需要得到许可才能在工作中做某事,或者你需要向一个朋友请求许可才能使用她的一件物品,或者你需要询问老师你是否可以离开一两分钟。当你在请求别人帮忙时,记住要用礼貌的方式来请求允许做某事或使用某个物品。

How to k or ermiion in nglih如何用英语请求许可

n I + verb (very inorml)n I + 动词 (非常不正式)

n I go out tonight?我今晚能出去吗?

n he hve dinner with u?他能和我们一起吃饭吗?

OT: The ue o “n I do omething?” i very inorml, nd conidered incorrect by mny. However, it i ued in everydy inorml peech nd or tht reon h been included.注意:使用“n I do omething?”非常不正式,许多人认为它不正确。然而,它被用于日常的非正式讲话,因此也被包括在内。

y I + verby I + 动词

y I hve nother piece o pie?我可以再吃一块派吗?

y we go out with our riend tonight?我们今晚可以和朋友出去吗?

OT: Trditionlly, the ue o “y I do omething?” h been ued or king permiion. In modern ociety, thi orm h become little more orml nd i oten replced with other orm uch “n I…” nd “ould I …” ny rgue tht “n I …” i incorrect becue it reer to bility. However, thi orm i quite common in everydy, poken itution.注意:习惯上,使用“y I do omething?”用于请求许可。在现代社会中,这种形式变得更加正式,并且经常被其他形式所取代,比如“n I…”和“ould I…”,许多人认为“n I…”是不正确的,因为它指的是能力。然而,这种形式在日常口语情境中非常常见。

ould I plee + verbould I plee + 动词

ould I plee go with Tom to the movie?我能和汤姆一起去看电影吗?

ould we plee go on trip thi weekend?我们这周末能去旅行吗?

Do you think I could + verbDo you think I could + 动词

Do you think I could ue your cell phone?你觉得我可以用你的手机吗?

Do you think I could borrow your cr?你觉得我可以借下你的车吗?

ould it be poible or me + ininitiveould it be poible or me + 不定式

ould it be poible or me to ue your computer or ew minute?我能用你的电脑几分钟吗?

ould it be poible or to tudy in thi room?我可以在这个房间学习吗?

ould you mind i I + verb in ptould you mind i I + 动词过去式

ould you mind i I tyed ew more minute?你介意我再呆几分钟吗?

ould you mind i I took ive minute brek?你介意我休息五分钟吗?

ould you mind my + verb + ing + your + objectould you mind my + 动词ing + your + object

ould you mind my uing your cellphone?你介意我用你的手机吗?

ould you mind my plying your pino?你介意我弹你的钢琴吗?

How to Grnt ermiion in nglih如何用英语授予许可

I you would like to y “ye” to omeone who k permiion, you cn give permiion uing thee phre. The irt three re more inorml, while the ourth i orml.如果你想对请求许可的人说“是”,你可以用这些短语给予许可。前三个比较不正式,而第四个比较正式。


o problem.没问题。

Go right hed.开始吧。

lee eel ree + ininitivelee eel ree + 不定式

lee eel ree to et omething.请随意吃点儿什么吧。

How to olitely eue vor/Deny ermiion如何礼貌地拒绝帮助/拒绝许可

Sying ‘no’, i never un, but ometime it’ necery. See the convertion below or ome exmple.说“不”从来都不好玩,但有时这是必要的。有关一些示例,请参阅下面的对话。

I’m rid I’d preer i you didn’t / don’t.恐怕我觉得不行。

Sorry, but I’d rther you not do tht.抱歉,当我觉得你最好别这样。

Unortuntely, I need to y no.不幸的是,我不得不拒绝。

I’m rid tht’ not poible.我恐怕不行。

hen denying permiion, people will ometime inted oer to help in other wy, uing the word “how bout” nd “inted” to oer lterntive.当拒绝许可时,人们有时会用其他方式提供帮助,使用“how bout”和“inted”来提供其他帮助。

I’m rid I cn’t let you borrow my cr, but I could drive you inted.恐怕我不能让你借我的车,但是我可以代你开车。

I cn’t bbyit your dughter. How bout I cll my itter or you inted?我不能照顾你的女儿。我替你叫我的保姆怎么样?

I wih I could help out, mybe nother time.我希望我能帮忙,也许改天吧。

Smple Dilogue or rctice: king or ermiion hich I Given练习的示例对话:请求被给予许可

ck: Hi Sm, do you think I could ue your cell phone or moment?杰克:嗨,山姆,你觉得我可以用一下你的手机吗?

Sm: Sure, no problem. Here you re.山姆:当然,没问题。给你。

ck: Thnk buddy. It will only be minute or two.杰克:谢谢你,伙计。只要一两分钟。

Sm: Tke your time. o ruh.山姆:慢慢来。不要着急。

ck: Thnk!杰克:谢谢!

Student: ould it be poible or me to hve ew more minute to review beore the quiz?学生:我能在测验前多花几分钟复习吗?

Techer: lee eel ree to tudy or ew more minute.老师:可以多学习几分钟。

Student: Thnk you very much.学生:非常感谢。

Techer: o problem. Do you hve ny quetion in prticulr?老师:没问题。你有什么特别的问题吗?

Student: Uh, no. I jut need to review thing quickly.学生:嗯,不。我只是需要快速复习一遍。

Techer: OK. e’ll begin in ive minute.老师:好的。我们五分钟后开始。

Student: Thnk you.学生:谢谢。

xmple Sitution: king or ermiion hich I Denied示例情景:请求被拒绝

mployee: ould you mind i I cme in lte to work tomorrow?员工:你介意我明天上班迟到吗?

o: I’m rid I’d preer i you didn’t.老板:我觉得你最好别迟到。

mployee: Hmmm. ht i I work overtime tonight?员工:嗯。如果我今晚加班怎么办?

o: ell, I relly need you or the meeting tomorrow. I there ny wy you cn do whtever it i you need to do lter.老板:嗯,明天开会我真的需要你。你有什么办法可以以后再做需要做的事情吗?

mployee: I you put it tht wy, I’m ure I cn igure omething out.员工:如果你那样说,我确信我能想出一些办法。

o: Thnk, I pprecite it.老板:谢谢,我很感激。

Son: Dd, cn I go out tonight?儿子:爸爸,我今晚能出去吗?

ther: It’ chool night! I’m rid tht’ not poible.父亲:今天是周内上课的晚上!恐怕这是不可能的。

Son: Dd, ll my riend re going to the gme!儿子:爸爸,我所有的朋友都要去看比赛了!

ther: I’m orry on. our grde hven’t been the bet recently. I’m going to hve to y no.父亲:对不起,儿子。你的成绩最近不是最好的。我得说不。

Son: h, Dd, come on! et me go!儿子:啊,爸爸,快点!让我走!

ther: Sorry on, no i no.父亲:对不起,儿子,不行就是不行。



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